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Magnum775 Planetary Gearmotor
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Detailed Information about Robot Power Products 

Robot Power is proud to offer the following product families along with parts and accessories for replacements and do-it-yourselfers. Now with gearmotors! and products for ArduinoTM

Products for Arduino™

MegaMoto for Arduino - 13A/30A peak 6V-28V H-bridge motor control shield for Arduino development boards. MegaMoto Plus for Arduino - 25A/40A peak 6V-28V H-bridge motor control shield for Arduino
MegaMoto GT for Arduino - 35A/50A peak 6V-28V H-bridge motor control shield for Arduino MultiMoto for Arduino - 6.5A/8A peak 6V-36V Four channel H-bridge motor control shield for Arduino

Small RC Controllers

Scorpion XXL robot speed control - Compact and powerful. Dual-channel 45A, 28V control with R/C interface. An optional plastic enclosure provides protection against mishaps. Scorpion XL small/medium speed control - dual-channel 30A peak, 28V. Fully reversible H-bridge speed control with R/C interface
Wasp small/medium speed control - single-channel 20A peak, 28V H-bridge with R/C interface Hydra small speed control - Small size, 3 channel 6.5A, 28V H-bridge, with R/C interface
Scorpion Mini small dual speed control - dual-channel 6.5A, 28V H-bridge with R/C interface Scorpion Nano tiny dual speed control - dual-channel 1.5A, 16V H-bridge with R/C interface

Large RC Controllers

Vyper Vyper RC/Pot speed control - Single-channel 120A, 36V control , with R/C and analog/pot interfaces
includes enclosure and heatsink. Flexible operating modes with easy setup. Overload protection.
Scorpion Ultra! New! Scorpion Ultra speed control - Dual-channel 50A, 36V control , with R/C interfaces
optional enclosure. Flexible operating modes with easy setup. Overload protection.
H-bridge Products

Simple-H / New! Simple-H HV - 25A, 28V H-bridge speed control with full over current and over temperature protection Open Source Motor Control (OSMC) - 160A, 50V PMDC H-bridge speed control suitable for a large variety of industrial, research and hobby uses Dalf - Advanced PID position and velocity control of two motors using quadrature encoders. Simple-H or OSMC or other H-bridge is used as the power amplifier


Magnum775 gearmotor - Compact and powerful gearmotor featuring a planetary gearbox with attached powerful RS-775 compatible motor.

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