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Dalf Dual Advanced Closed-Loop Motor control Product Information 


The Dalf is a flexible high-performance microcontroller-based closed-loop interface to the OSMC power controller. The Dalf provides the interface between various command input sources and generates PWM signals to drive two OSMC boards. Powered by the Microchip PIC18F6722 processor running at 40 MHz, the Dalf provides ample computing horsepower for driving the OSMC boards and interpreting and conditioning a range of input sources.

Partial Feature List

  • Dual open loop, PWM motor controls via R/C, Pots, or Serial Interfaces.
  • Dual closed loop PWM motor (positional and velocity) via Serial Interfaces.
  • PID and Trajectory Generator employed for smooth velocity ramping in closed loop controls.
  • Standard quadrature encoder inputs (2 motors) provide motor position and velocity feedback.
  • Analog feedback for "Giant Servo" applications using either pots or analog encoders
  • Digitally adjustable voltage windows and interrupt handlers for fast over current response when used with off board current sensors.
  • Support for PID �Tuning� via data capture using the �Step Response Command�.
  • Adjustable Slew Rate for all motor control methods.
  • Serial EEPROM (64K bytes) as well as internal EEPROM (1K bytes) for non-volatile storage.
  • Parameter Block in EEPROM for easy customization of motor characteristics, operating mode, etc.
  • Built in three channel R/C interface with optional mixing.
  • Two built in potentiometer motor control methods.
  • Terminal Emulator command line monitor using RS232 Channel 1.
  • API command and monitor Interface using RS232 Channel 1 for use by a �smart� PC Application.
  • I2C (SLAVE) command and monitor Interface using second I2C Bus.
  • Features interrupt driven for efficiency.
  • Robust 5V power supply, with external On/Off switch, provides ample power for BEC.
  • RTC for timing and scheduling.
  • Both primary and secondary I2C buses routed to connectors for off board use.
  • Second RS232 interface (Channel 2; currently unused) routed to header.
  • Firmware is updatable via a boot block loader using a serial cable to a PC.
  • Support for customization or use as a development platform:

Dalf is manufactured by Embedded Electronics LLC. For more Dalf information as well as documentation and other downloads please see the Embedded Electronics Web site.

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