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MegaMoto GT Motor Control Shield for Arduino™ 


The Robot Power MegaMoto GTTM is a low-cost robust H-bridge "shield" for the ArduinoTM and hardware compatible base units. The built-in cooling fan and heatsinks allow the MegaMoto GT to handle high current loads without overheating. Up to 50A (5 sec) of current may be controlled by the MegaMoto GT at 24V. This is over 1200W of power!

The GT is ideal for Arduino users who want to control high current loads efficiently for robotics, scooters & Segways, industrial controls and many other applications by using their familiar development environment and without messy, unreliable "lash up" type connections to discrete motor controls.

The MegaMoto GT is a dual half-bridge circuit that can be configured either has a full H-bridge or as two independent half-bridge circuits. This allows a single MegaMoto GT to drive one motor with full variable-speed control both forward and reverse. It also allows two independent motors to be controlled in a uni-directional fashion by connecting one side of each motor to the battery negative and the other motor lead to one of the MegaMoto GT outputs.

Jumpers are used to select which Arduino signals drive the Enable and PWM inputs on each MegaMoto. This flexibility allows the MegaMoto GT to play nice with other shields which might require the use of certain pins.

Not limited to motors, the MegaMoto GT can control other DC loads such as lights, solenoids, relays, valves, Peltier junction coolers, Hydrogen generators or basically any DC device within the operating voltage and current range.

The MegaMoto GT has the following specifications and features:

Supply voltage 6V to 35V (28V max battery rating)
Output Current (continuous) 35A
Output Current (surge) 50A+ 5 seconds
Weight 1.8 0z
Power MOSFETs 2 ea. BTN8982
PWM Frequency DC to 20kHz
Logic Interface 3V - 5V , minimum 2 pins required
Logic Inputs Jumper select Enable and PWM source
Current Sense Outputs 0.051V per Amp - 2.55V at 50A
Current Sense Pins Jumper select the analog input connected
Current and Temp Limiting Built into power chips
Power Connectors 4 each metal screw terminals for crimp-on "fork" terminals
Enclosure None

Robot Power offers the MegaMoto GT fully assembled and tested. Check the Web store for details on prices and special offers.

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