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Micro R/C Robot Controller v2.0 (µRRC 2.0) Product Information 


The Micro R/C Robot Controller v2.0 (uRRC 2.0) provides advanced control functionality for remote control robots. As a follow on the the uRRC (uMOB) interface the uRRC 2.0 provides many exciting new features including:

  • 3 OSMC power unit connectors
  • 4 R/C input channels (left, right, aux, and flip)
  • Multiple Weapon/AUX modes including fwd/reverse, spin mode, and servo mode
  • Servo Mode with analog position feedback and advanced PID loop algorithm
  • Radio calibration to tune the uRRC 2.0 to your radio setup.
  • full support of IFI Issac systems.

The uRRC 2.0 provides advanced features without complex programming or specialized user interfaces: Five screwdriver adjustments plus four switches control all features. LEDs provide visual indication of output channel and R/C inputs status.


  • Selectable channel mixing for single stick operation.
  • Variable Exponential curve for Left/Right input.
  • Variable Brake/Coast for center stick.
  • Variable Acceleration control: limits drive train shock, peak current draw and improves motion control.
  • R/C controlled FLIP input correct drive & steering for invertible.
  • Four AUX channel modes: ESC, SERVO, SPIN CONTROL and RELAY
  • Calibrate function to maximize control range
  • Compatible with Innovation First Robot controllers.
  • BEC
  • 3" x 4" x 1-1/4 tall with connectors.
  • Serial port for tethered or radio modem control of robot (requires special adaptor, not yet available).


  • R/C Left (throttle)
  • R/C Right (steering)
  • R/C Aux (servo, PWM, Spin or Relay control)
  • R/C Flip (corrects drive when robot is inverted)
  • 50k potentiometer for AUX servo function
  • High and Low limit switches for AUX output


  • Three OSMC style power driver connectors
  • Status LEDs that indicate power, direction and board status
  • Tether connector (requires special adaptor)

Although the uRRC 2.0 comes pre-programmed, software updates are always possible. The Robot Power Programming Cable (see accessories section) can be used to update the software or install custom software into the ATMega16 CPU chip.

Support information and documentation for the uRRC 2.0 can be found in the downloads section.

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