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November 26, 2013

VYPER VYPER VYPER!. After over a year of development the new Robot Power Vyper is finally available. This is our newest high-power H-bridge controller. Easily handling loads of over 120A this baby can rock your world! Please check the Web store to get you some of this now!


November 19, 2013

NEW Lower Prices!. To better serve our customers we have lowered prices across the board. Same great made in the USA quality but now your dollar goes further. Please check the Web store to get you some savings!


June 14, 2013

Announcing Hydra. The Hydra is a small three-channel motor control for small to medium sized loads. Each of its three channels will safely drive 6.5A of current at up to 28V. RC style servo control for easy interface to your radio gear or microcontroller. Available now in the Web Store


September 14, 2011

Announcing the Scorpion XXL v2 The new Scorpion XXL is in stock and shipping. The Scorpion XXL is a dual channel RC motor control with many advanced features. 20A or 25A (with fan) continuous current capability. Also new for the v2 XXL is an optional plastic enclosure and cooling fan. Check them out then turn them loose on your projects!


April 2, 2011

Announcing the Wasp The new Wasp is in stock and shipping. The Wasp is a single channel motor control about the size of the Scorpion Mini with the nearly the power of the Scorpion XL. Lots of power handling in a small package. Comes with shrink wrap and either bare solder pads or pre-soldered power wires. Check them out


December 1, 2010

Mega Motor Control for ArduinoTM We are happy to announce our first product for the Arduino family of development boards. The MegaMoto is a 13A/30A peak H-bridge or dual half-bridge that stacks onto the shield headers of a standard Arduino or hardware compatible base. Up to three MegaMotos may be controlled by a single Arduino Uno. Finally Arduino developers can handle some real power! In stock and ready to ship.


March 3, 2010

Magnum Power Redux! We've received a new shipment of Magnum 775 motors with significant upgrades. We've added tie rods from the front plate of the gearbox all the way back to the rear of the motor can. This gives the Magnum775 serious strength to resist shock and lateral forces. Also the motor can be changed without removing the gearbox. Much easier to maintain in an industrial or Battlebot situation.


July 13, 2009

Get ready for some Magnum power! Robot Power is proud to announce the availability of the Magnum775 gearmotor. Featuring a robust 20:1 planetary gearbox coupled to a powerful RS-775 style motor, the Magnum775 offers a significant power upgrade from 550 sized gearmotors and power drill motors. In stock and ready to ship.


August 21, 2008

The Scorpion Mini is back! Robot Power is proud to announce the availability of v2.4 of the Scorpion Mini small motor control. This updated unit is improved in many ways. For detailed information check the Scorpion Mini in the products section. They will be in stock and ready to ship by the end of August 2008.


March 19, 2007

Just a Bridge Robot Power is proud to announce the availability of our newest H-bridge the Simple-H. The Simple-H as the name implies is a simple medium power H-bridge with no CPU on-board. It handles 20-25A continous at up to 28V. Fully protected against over current and over temperature conditions this is a very robust H-bridge which can also operate as two ganged or independent half-bridge circuits. For detailed information check the Simple-H page in the products section. They are in stock and ready to ship.


October 1, 2006

Introducing Dalf What users have been asking for for years is finally here! Dalf provides advanced closed-loop PID position and velocity control for two motors. Quadrature encoders are used for position feedback and the OSMC is used for the power amplifier. Several command options are available and source code and binary APIs are provided for developing custom applications based on Dalf. Check the Dalf page for details.


September 25, 2006

Sidewinder price increase We've increased the retail price of the Sidewinder by $20 to $399. Part of this is due to increased costs due to manufacturing them in the USA but we've also changed the enclosure to a nifty deep red metalic color. Also we'll be pre-soldering high-quality Silicone insulated power leads to the units so users won't have to worry about that chore and possibly damaging the circuit board or components. Just attach your connectors to the pigtails and go. We will post some new pictures soon.


October 13, 2005

Scorpion XL Now Shipping This is a small to medium size motor drive featuring dual 12.5A continuous/45A peak output channels and an integrated command processor. The Scorpion XL also features full current and temperature protection, enhanced functionality for use with R/C signal sources and hardware support analog or encoder feedback for servo applications.


September 7, 2005

RoboNexus 2005 We're proud to announce that Robot Power will be sponsoring RoboNexus 2005. Come to our booth and see the exciting new robotic hockey sport Bot Hockey!


May 28, 2005

Sidewinder Now Shipping Our newest motor control the Sidewinder is now shipping. This is a very exciting dual channel 80A H-bridge controller with on-board R/C interface, adjustable current limiting, over temperature protection and a tough extruded Aluminum case. Perfect for your next project whatever it may be. Check the Sidewinder product page for more information. You can order yours in the Web store.


February 19, 2005

4.25:1 CM80s Arrive Now available the CM80 with a 4.25:1 gearbox. Other specs are the same as the 15:1 model except for a slightly shorter length and 0.5lb less weight.


January 18, 2005

CM80 News We've Got Motors! Boy howdy do we ever. We're proud as can be to introduce the Robot Power CM80. A powerful, low-cost brushed 24V DC motor with integrated planetary gearbox. The CM80 is intended for use as a drive motor, positioning motor or other non-precision application requiring a powerful compact, light-weight DC motor. We think the CM80 has the best power per dollar in an integrated package that you can find anywhere. The CM80 product page has all the details on this great new motor or check them out in the Web Store to purchase.


June 29, 2004

Scorpion News We've made your life simpler! Howzat? Well our Scorpion family has been simplified to a single unit. The new Scorpion HX features the same physical size as the old Scorpion and Scorpion HP with the best of both units. The HX features the higher-capacity AUX chip of the HP along with screw terminals for all leads like the old Scorpion. Improved software helps reduce the effects of radio interference or weak signals.

Best of all the new Scorpion HX sells for the same price as the old Scorpion (not the HP). The Scorpion HX gives you the best small robot controller available for the best price. Available in singles and in discounted multi-paks.


November 16, 2003

New Scorpion multi-paks We are proud to offer 2- and 10-paks of our top performing Scorpion and Scorpion HP small robot controllers. These multi-pak combos will save you money and let you and your friends or your robot club get the best small robot controller available for the best price. Check them out in the Web Store.


April 25, 2003

The Scorpion ant/beetle/sumo speed controller IN STOCK and ready to ship! This is the most feature rich and powerful small robot controller on the market. The Scorpion is a 3-channel (2 drive, 1 weapon/aux) controller with built in mixing and tons of other great features. Check the Scorpion product page for full details then zip over to the Web store and order yours today!


April 11, 2003

The Scorpion ant/beetle/sumo speed controller is on the way! This is the most feature rich and powerful small robot controller on the market. The Scorpion is a 3-channel (2 drive, 1 weapon/aux) controller with built in mixing and tons of other great features. Check the Scorpion product page for full details then zip over to the Web store and order yours today!


March 5, 2003

The µRRC 2.0 is now in stock!
The Micro R/C Robot Controller v2.0 (µRRC 2.0) is the latest and greatest R/C interface from Larry Barello creator of the µMOB. The µRRC 2.0 offers many advanced features with simple setup and small size. Check the µRRC 2.0 product page for full details.


November 12, 2002

Winter 2002 sale
All OSMCs and OSMC/interface combos on sale for up to $100 off.


August 3, 2002

IRF1404 option removed for assembled OSMC units
The assembled and tested OSMCs with 1404s have not been selling so we've removed that option and only the IRF1405 MOSFET will be available in assembled and tested OSMCs both single units and in combos. For the vast majority of users the 1405 MOSFET provides the best option. If you absolutely must have an assembled unit with 1404s.


July 31, 2002

New products added to Web Store
Robot Power is proud to annouce the addition of two new products to our lineup. The first and most important is a current-limiter add-on for the OSMC. This small unit prevents over heating and burnout of motors, batteries, and OSMCs by limiting the current that passes through the system. The user can set the current limit from 0-400A using only a voltmeter and screw driver.

The second product is actually a small family. The Magmotor combos are available with both the MOB and µMOB interfaces to provide extra power handling capability for large motors with four brushes such as the Magmotor or large Astroflight motors. The Magmotor combo has four OSMCs configured as two pairs slaved together with a daisy chain cable. This combo can also be used to control two smaller motors in a slaved pair. This is a cost effective solution for those running 4 motors in their robot with a slaved pair on each side.


May 31, 2002

Robot Power returns from BattleBots
Robot Power has returned from a wonderful week at BattleBots Season 5 competition at Treasure Island in California. It was a hectic week filled with customer support, a few on-site sales, networking with other suppliers and general "being there" for our customers. We also saw a lot of great robot combat.


April 20, 2002

OSMCs back in stock!
Robot Power is proud and relieved to have an ample supply of OSMC controllers in both 1404 and 1405 varieties in stock and ready to ship.


March 29, 2002

Worldwide OSMC Shortage!
Robot Power products are selling well, so well in fact that we are out of OSMC speed controllers at this time. More are expected to arrive the 2nd week of April but they are going fast so order now if you want to use the OSMC for the May 2002 Battlebots competition.


February 26, 2002

Speed control comparison table updated
Added data for µMOB interface to Robot Power boards and the new IFI Thor controller. Corrected a couple of items for Vantec controllers. Check the comparison chart for the full story.


February 26, 2002

International shipping added
After messing around with various shipping models for overseas we finally decided to just use a flat-rate model. So you can ship as many parts as you like overseas for a flat $35. Simply select the "Overseas" option when checking out of the Web store.


January 15, 2002

µMOB interface added
This is a small simplified RC interface for the OSMC power boards. It features: small size, simple setup using only 3 jumpers and an dual-mode AUX output that can drive 300 mA to directly switch relay coils.
Check it out on the µMOB Info page.


December 4, 2001

Much additional info added
Uploaded a bunch of new pages and background information on the OSMC product line and the project itself. Check out the products and OSMC Info sections


December 1, 2001

Speed controller comparison table added
We've created a table comparing the OSMC/MOB with a variety of commercial speed controls. Check it out. You'll be pleased with the value and performance you get with an OSMC-based system.


November 23, 2001 goes live
Initial product offerings include the OSMC high-power H-bridge motor control, the MOB R/C interface board and associated accessories.

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