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Magnum775 Planetary Gearmotor
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Designed by bot builders for bot builders, Robot Power controllers destroy the competition with voltage range, power handling, and innovative features you simply can't get anywhere else - at a price that won't break your budget. The Scorpion family simply kicks bot!

Feature Robot Power Scorpion XL Robot Power Scorpion HX Robot Power Scorpion Mini
Size (in.) 2.7 x 1.6 x 0.5 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.5 1.25 x 0.5 x 0.25
Weight 28g 22g 5.5g
Voltage Range 4.8V-28V 4.8V-18V (24V with mod) 4.8V-18V (24V with mod)
Input Channels 2 drive, Flip 2 drive, Flip, Aux/Weapon 1
Output Channels 2 Fwd/Rev 2 Fwd/Rev, 1 Fwd only 1 Fwd/Rev
Drive Cont. Current 12.5A 2.5A (4.5A+ w/heatsink) 2.5A (4.5A+ w/heatsink)
Drive Surge Current 45A 6A 6A
Aux Current N/A 12A N/A
Aux Surge Current N/A 35A N/A
Cost $120 complete as low as $105 in multi-paks $80 complete as low as $69 in multi-paks $30 complete
Connections Screw terminal Screw terminal Screw terminal / solder pads
LED indicators Direction and speed on drive, Status Direction and speed on drive, Speed on Aux, Status Direction and speed
Comes fully assembled with R/C leads
Mixing Default (many options) Default (can be disabled) N/A
Drive Mirroring (both motors mirror one RC input) Jumper option Automatic detect at startup N/A
3rd Aux channel control Fully protected N/A
Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC)
BEC Disable (requires R/C cable modification)
Flipped bot motor reversal RC or switch RC or switch N/A
Current Limiting Drive and Aux
Temperature Limiting Drive and Aux
Upgradeable/Customizable Software Standard adapter Standard adapter Custom adapter
Serial Interface (currently unused) (currently unused) (currently unused)
I2C/SPI Interface (currently unused) (hardware support)
Encoder Support Dual Quadrature (not supported by R/C software)
All-in-one Unit

To find out more about the Scorpion speed controllers please check the individual Scorpion product page.

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